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Mission & Vision

Building on the strengths of the University of Maryland’s basic science and clinical departments, CERCH is cultivating collaborative relationships that will pioneer research on the developmental programming of disease risk and resilience. We aim to become a leading institute for translational research on the parental contributions and early-life experiences that shape child health and brain development. The Center is committed to partnering with local community leaders, developing outreach programs, and raising awareness to the factors important for healthy child development.


  • Align basic and clinical research interests, recognizing opportunities for collaboration and facilitating project development.
  • Consult on experiment design and data collection methods, provide research support services including data analysis and bioinformatics, and assist with grant writing, funding applications, and regulatory documents.
  • Establish a research database of current research programs & coordinate utilization of tissue samples between groups.
  • Encourage collaborative discussion through seminars, small group data meetings, and retreats.


  • Provide research specific training opportunities, promote campus resources, and coordinate events with the research career development office.
  • Mentorship for F and T type NIH grants
  • Host a research retreat for trainees with data presentations and a poster session. 

Community Engagement

  • Enhance public interest in neurodevelopment and mental health through Science & Society talks. 
  • Host community events to increase awareness on improving health outcomes. 
  • Serve as an informational resource, providing the public with regular updates on research breakthroughs, publications, and opportunities for involvement.